Provincial museums of Russia

Documentary series
"Provincial museums of Russia"

A series of documentary films "Provincial museums of Russia" was created Alla Surikova. Since 1999 it has been successfully made by young cinematographers in partnership with Open Society Institute (Soros foundation) - Arts and culture program, Cinematography Service of the Ministry of culture of Russian Federation, Russian Federation Ministry of press, broadcasting and mass-media, regional museums and municipal institutes.
Films were shown on TV channels "Culture", "REN-TV" and "Prometheus-AST".
The series shows not only the "reverse" side of museum life but also whether the museums are the center of life of the whole community. The interests common to all mankind are touched. Internal life of museum is projected on the society and vise versa, many interesting peculiarities of provincial life are shown.
One of the films traits is a high culture of visual images and sound, complexity and diversity of composition, which are closer to movie then to modern TV-films in reporting style as has been numerously confirmed by critics.

The series comprises 19 films:

Film 1
"Rurik and his Sheltozero"
about Veps ethnographical museum of Sheltozero.
Director - Arcady Gridnev, 1999
Film 2
"The museum that we choose"
about the Togliatti city museum.
Director -Yevgeny Yulikov, 2000
Film 3
"Rybinsk portraits"
about Rybinsk state historical-architectural art museum and national park.
Director - Elena Nekrasova, 2000
Film 4
"The other side of the Earth"
about the Velsk city museum.
Director - Georgy Khositashvily, 2000
Film 5
"Return to yakh"
about Surgut museums of arts.
Directors - Dmitriy Makeev and Tatiana Kuznetsova, 2001
Film 6
about State historical-ethnographical museums and national park "Shushenskoye".
Director - Elena Nekrasova, 2001
Film 7
"The heroes of spirit"
about museums of Ivanovo region.
Director - Evelina Devisheva, 2001
Film 8
"Hidden time"
about Municipal institution of culture "Elets city museum".
Director - Sergey Fedoseev, 2001
Film 9
"Museum & disco"
about Great Ustiug state historical-architectural art museum and national park.
Director - Georgy Khositashvily, 2001
Film 10
"I never pass Taganrog"
about Taganrog state literatures and historical-architectural museum and national park.
Director - Tatiana Ivanova, 2002
Film 11
"Foreign memory"
about World Ocean museum in Kaliningrad.
Director - Tatiana Kuznetsova, 2002
Film 12
"The art of living in Russia"
about museums of Tula region.
Director - Elena Nekrasova, 2002
Film 13
"My discovery"
about Serpukhov historical and art museum.
Director - Irina Lanina, 2002
Film 14
"Gold of Torzhok"
about museums of Torzhok region.
Directors - Yevgeny Yulikov and Yevgenia Kononova, 2002
Film 15
"A small house in the steppe"
about State museums and national park of M.A. Sholokhov.
Director - Sergey Fedoseev, 2002
Film 16
"Over the gray lake"
about Kirillo-Belozersk historical-architectural art museum and national park.
Director - Boris Dvorkin, 2002
Film 17
"Kaluga - Mars"
about the Tsiolkovsky State space research history museum in Kaluga.
Directors - Arcady Gridnev and Mikhail Kuprava, 2003
Film 18
"Tambov... A circle on the map"
about museums of Tambov.
Directors - Yevgenia Gorelikova and Tatiana Ivanova, 2003

Film 19
"Life on shreds"
about museums of Caucasian Mineral Waters region.
Director - Anatoly Terentiev, 2003


Awards and Festivals participation

Series was filmed in 21 territory units of Russian Federation
Series was filmed in 87 cities and towns of Russian Federation
Series was filmed in 52 museums of Russian Federation
Sum duration of primary materials approx. 17100 minites
One film duration 26 minites
Otal duration of all series 493 minites
Format - video, Betacam SP, sound - mono

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